Lee Garland
Nottingham UK & Destination Wedding Photographer


DIY Wedding at Normanton Church and Sleaford | Karena x Graham


Karena + Graham, it's been a pleasure from start to finish. Your day was entirely your own and it was a pleasure to be able to come along from the ride. Normanton Church and that Rutland Belle were superfine and then it truly was a pleasure to be in your backyard in Sleaford - there was so much of yourselves, and so little convention, which is just the best way to go about things really! (Plus horses and dogs definitely help).

These here are only a preview, the tip of the iceberg - I will be appearing again in your inbox, soon, with the slideshow and the final gallery. 

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Hit play on the track if you're not at work or in a library... and I hope you like what you see!

Best, Lee x