Lee Garland
Nottingham UK & Destination Wedding Photographer


DIY Wedding at Normanton Church and Sleaford | Karena x Graham

Karena + Graham, it's been a pleasure from start to finish. Your day was entirely your own and it was a pleasure to be able to come along from the ride. Normanton Church and that Rutland Belle were superfine and then it truly was a pleasure to be in your backyard in Sleaford - there was so much of yourselves, and so little convention, which is just the best way to go about things really! (Plus horses and dogs definitely help).

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Boho Outdoor Ceremony at Godwick Great Barn with evening glitter galore | Abi + Iain

TeamTownie - I can't thank you enough for having me along to your wedding. The two of you, your guests and families made me feel so at home, and among friends. You guys, Swaffham Florist and the Little Lending Co made Godwick Barn and your outdoor ceremony look just so perfect. So bravo to you both. But mostly, thank you for all the love you clearly have for one another, and all that you were kind enough to share with me.

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