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Testimonials + Reviews


Sept 2016 Highlands elopement

Lee...just a quick thank you..I was on my way out last night (to see Phantom of the Opera no less!) when I got your email...I have been checking my inbox approximately every 15 mins for the last week 🙈 so we quickly watched the slideshows & OH MY LORD!!! We LOVE them!!!!! I had to stop myself from weeping as I had no time to retouch my makeup lol

We're going to re-watch them today & go through the gallery & I cannot wait!! We really can't thank you enough...every image is stunning!!!!..including the one of Sam attempting to stuff grapes up Cat's nostrils!! 😂

Forever grateful!!

V+D xx

Asylum Chapel wedding photography

Dec 2016 at The Asylum + Brixton East 1871

Hi Lee, Thank you so much - It's amazing! Captures our day brilliantly. We are so grateful for your efforts. We couldn't have found a better photographer or nicer chap. Everybody loved you - think you'll be getting invitations as a guest to future weddings! 
Cheers, Rich and Emma X

Brixton East 1871 wedding photography

St Monicas Hoxton Square wedding photography
Easton Clerkenwell Wedding Photography

November 2016 at St Monica's Hoxton Square + The Easton Clerkenwell

Hi Lee! We really loved the original slide show, but these photos are just incredible! Looking through them makes us feel like we are there all over again. We are really looking forward to showing them off to everyone!
Thank you again for everything, we'll be sure to recommend you!
Tom & Anna 

Owen House Wedding Barn wedding photography

Dec 2016 at Owen House Wedding Barn, Mobberley

Hi Lee,
Just sat down and watched this!!!! We love it and you!! It's amazing!!! This slideshow is just unreal. I don't want to build up your ego too much so I'll stop before I embarrass myself (You rock!!) Married life is good, and thank you so much for helping on our special day!
Gemma + Chris x

Tewin Bury Farm Wedding Photography
Tewin Bury Farm wedding photography

October 2016 at Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire

Hi Lee, The photos are just amazing - thank you so so much.  We got a little bit teary watching the slide show! They're really stunning.  Bless you for being so concerned about getting the pics to us as soon as possible. Can't thank you enough.  Have a lovely, restful Christmas and speak soon. 
Suzie x
P.s. the honeymoon was amazing and married life is pretty damn great!

Haughley Park Wedding photography

Sept 2016 at Haughley Park, Suffolk

Thank you so much Lee, they are incredible! Thank you so much for sending these through, they are amazing...we keep going through them!! Thank you for capturing our special day so beautifully.
Hannah & Colin x