Lee Garland
Nottingham UK & Destination Wedding Photographer


Lee Garland Wedding Photography's FAQs

Those Frequently Asked Queries

What equipment do you use?

For weddings I shoot on Canon 5D MkIV using only L-Series lenses and I bring a MkIII for back-up. 
Over 95% of the day is shot on one lens, my 35mm f1.4. 

When on holiday/roaming the streets, I'll have a collection of great but simple point and shoots loaded with colour and B&W; at the moment I'm liking my Yashica T5, my Olympus mju and a Yashica 124G. 

In my other work [www.leegarland.co.uk] I also shoot on a Sinar Norma (5x4).

How did you get started / how long have you been a professional?

A very good day.

At Uni I spent most of my 3 years in our student magazine offices - as the photographer and then Picture Editor. This meant shooting all of those people who do the college circuits - Chesney Hawkes, supporting actors from Lock Stock... 

Off the back of this I was lucky enough to get a Staff Photographer job with a publisher virtually straight out of Uni in 2002. This saw me shooting down two main routes: Interiors/Architecture and Music. Daytime was generally spent up in Cheshire's golden triangle, photographing modern mansions with kitchens + bathrooms that had cost more than the average house.

Evenings: Motley Crue, Oasis, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Velvet Revolver gigs for the music magazine. The undoubted culmination of which was meeting Slash + Duff, and thereby becoming hero to my own 11 year old self for the day. 

I stayed there for 6 years, becoming Picture Editor before going freelance. I've had the genuine pleasure of making my sole living from photography since 2002. As day jobs go, I'm well aware of just how lucky I am. 

Do you just shoot weddings?

No, I shoot a range of work; I shoot a lot of Interiors + Architecture, freelancing for The GuardianThe Daily Telegraph and others including Living etc, Radio Times, Blueprint, Newsweek, Homes & Gardens, the BBC. In addition to this a whole host of corporate clients including architects, most UK property developers, and interiors stores such as Rose & Grey.

I also do a fair bit of environmental portraiture for those too.

I certainly can do. They are always a fellow professional photographer. It brings a lot more coverage to the day and it's really special to see what your other half was getting up to - especially at the start of the day when you're probably getting ready separately. 

Do you have a second photographer?

Do you keep the copyright on the images?

You will receive the high-res images on a (nice, engraved wooden) flash drive. I give you full personal usage rights to the images - so that you can get them printed yourselves, for your wall, make up your own album if you like, put them on social, get them put on canvas - essentially do anything you like that is personal with them. They don't have any watermark on them. You will have a written contract to this effect.

Whilst that wouldn't be called 'copyright', it is an unlimited right to print & use them for anything apart from commercial use.

How many photographs will we get?

Expect to have 500+ pictures from the day. They will have all been edited. Some weddings end up with many more than that - long summer weddings, balmy evenings, 100 guests playing lawn games, a taco van, a boating lake, canapés in cloisters and wedding breakfasts in tipis all provide more things to point the camera at - but a small, personal ceremony in your parents' garden is every bit as special. It's your day, so do it how you like and I'll tell your story. 

Do you have a photo booth?

I do. I built a vintage photo booth and I think it's very handsome. I always liked the idea of a photo booth, but they always looked so, well, ugly. So, I made my own. It incorporates an old mahogany bellows camera, and has its own website [www.vintagebooth.me]. It's taken on a life of its own and is incredibly busy - so do enquire to see if your date is free. So busy in fact that we now have three booths, two vans, and Thom, Vic, Tom, Anna, Abriz and Dan to take them out.

I love to travel. I'm based in Burton Joyce in Notts, but I've shot weddings in Ibiza, the South of France, the Pyrenees, Greece.
I'll happily travel anywhere in the UK too - travel and accommodation is included for England + Wales. 

Where are you + will you travel?

I am a qualified Associate of the British Institute of Professional Photography (ABIPP) and the Royal Photographic Society (ARPS).  

I was nominated Student Photographer of the Year back in 2002 by The Independent. Remember 2002? Me neither.

Do you have any qualifications?

It's varies depending on the season; in the busy summer/autumn period it may be between 8-12 weeks. In the quieter months it's often much sooner than that. 

How long until we get our photos?

You don't have to but if you can on a full day it would be much appreciated!

Do we need to feed you?