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Beautiful destination wedding at Villa Gaia near Milan | Erica + Simone

Sometimes you just don't need a shared language. Not a spoken one anyway. There is a boatload to be said for the freedom of spending the day attuned to nothing but the unspoken connections between people. Hanging out with Erica + Simone at Villa Gaia just west of Milan was a dream. 


I want to thank Erica + Simone for their faith in booking me from Italy, and asking me to just come out and do my thing on their turf. I also want to say thanks to Vania @amu_wedding_videos and Marianna @maryesse + Maurizio of SweetandSour for being such patient translators, and for providing general Brexit-sympathy love and hugs.  (Also, fistbump to this guy.)

The day after this beauty of an evening next to the Naviglio Grande, Erica, Simone and I went to their place in Milan and headed out into the centre for coffee and walks. It's a tough job but someone has to do it..  Falling over 50p espressos everywhere you go. I could do this a lot more. Speaking of which, message me destination wedding people.