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Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding | Amy + Ewan

Trinity Buoy Wharf Bride Groom

I won't lie; I fully pretended I was in an episode of Taboo roaming around East India Docks when at Trinity Buoy Wharf for Amy + Ewan's wedding. It's such a unique urban venue. In East London, of course. Where else would you have a parkour academy and a Fat Boys diner next door?

Amy and Ewan were such a happy-go-lucky couple and the day involved (among other things like the coolest horseback Dad photo ever) - pizza, kids in superhero cloaks, a boat trip in a Thames clipper that seemed to have been clad by the same people who do the insides of village halls (awesome) and a rousing mid-speech rallying cry for the NHS. I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.