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It's Oakwell Hall, it rained, but it just meant more indoor C17th portrait time! 🙌

Lucy and Paul, some of the loveliest people you are ever likely to meet. Rain seems to have been a theme of the last few wedding I've blogged, and once again; who cares. Oakwell Hall was built in 1583. It's Charlotte Bronte's "Fieldhead". Apparently it was even in that 2017 Gunpowder series which I only got to see vicariously via Gogglebox but that I am sure looked epic nevertheless. Who wouldn't want to be forced inside there by the weather? 

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Holdsworth House Yorkshire wedding on a beautifully wet, rainy autumn day. *Includes damp horses

It's kind of a cliche to imagine Yorkshire looking all moist and misty and atmospheric, but that was exactly what it was up to for Henry + Charlotte's wedding, and I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. We had pockets of dry to nip outside for some portraits, and when you have a couple who can't keep their hands off each other, and some dank horses, then you have everything you need. 

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