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Ullet Road Unitarian library ceremony and a Handyman Supermarket knees up afterwards

Given that all you need to do is sign that piece of paper, the rest of the wedding you can do whatever the heck you like. And for Ele + Simon that meant getting ready together, a black skirt and blue top, no cake, a tiny ceremony (the first) in the library at Ullet Road Unitarian Church in Liverpool, followed by dancing into the night, donuts and a whole parma ham at the Handyman Supermarket Brewery on Smithdown Road.

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Carnival wedding at the Everyman Theatre on Liverpool's Hope Street

You couldn't help being taken by their abundant and unmissable love for one another, by the abundant concrete at the Everyman and by the crisp, modern vibe it gave the whole reception. Being at a venue that can make fine espresso coffee does no harm, and strolling down Hope Street whilst the NW's friendliest folks whoop and holler their congratulations from the pavement cafes and car windows meant the day was processing just as you hoped it would. And then - an entire CARNIVAL goes and shows up(!) 

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