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A cool dog-friendly West Mill wedding | Danielle + Ryan

Easing into wedding season here, helped by the company of enthusiastic dogs and happy go-lucky folk who know how to have a good time. Manchester came to Derbyshire and they knew how to throw a party. Over to you Danielle + Ryan. Prep at Stretton House, which is just this enormous house I never knew of in Derbyshire, with a gazillion bedrooms and a cinema. Incredible. They hired it for a few days as wedding base camp. Genius. The rest of the day was over at the West Mill in Darley Abbey, Derby. 

Ed Godden came along to help out on this one, and Danielle + Ryan booked Shutterbox to do video too. If you're friends of Danielle + Ryan you can register to view the full set when they're ready right here.