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Holly + Jack's Chateau la Blérétie Wedding in Ponteyraud


On the rare occasions I drink extravagantly, in my head the scene looks like some great cinematic portrayal of a tortured artist, undergoing a devastating battle of love and damagingly creativity. Unfortunately, I’ve seen the photos of myself enjoying a boozy celebration and instead it’s very much a student art project shot on borrowed college camera equipment.

Holly + Jack however, seem able to party like the Stones. I should hate them for this, but for the fact two nicer people you would struggle to meet, anywhere.

This all happened at Chateau la Bleretie near Ponteyraud, and frankly, you could shoot that house for 3 days straight and still leave having not had time to capture a tenth of the details. What didn’t happen here is some fool leaving a diner-style drip coffee machine running whilst they had a luxuriant shower, only to come down and find the ground floor flooded - though, I think the owner would have to admit, heavenly-scented. That happened in an airbnb just a few villages away…


It would be remiss of me not to share the websites of two such ridiculously talented people, so here we go. cochranecooks.com + almost-everything.co.uk

Here’s a slideshow too, in case you’d like more images, more music, but less control over how long each images is on your screen for..