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Quex Park Wedding, the seaside, a fernery and greenhouses galore | Lauren + Nick

Sharing a love of the sea, Lauren + Nick were always going to end up marrying near the sea. After prep in hipster Margate, and a church ceremony in Birchington-on-Sea we headed down to the beach that Lauren would spend time with her mother at. There was, in no particular order, coastal gales and biting sea spray, a fernery, a driver with some seriously long shirt cuffs, greenhouses galore and probably the nicest bunch of South Londoners you're ever likely to cross paths with.

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Carnival wedding at the Everyman Theatre on Liverpool's Hope Street

You couldn't help being taken by their abundant and unmissable love for one another, by the abundant concrete at the Everyman and by the crisp, modern vibe it gave the whole reception. Being at a venue that can make fine espresso coffee does no harm, and strolling down Hope Street whilst the NW's friendliest folks whoop and holler their congratulations from the pavement cafes and car windows meant the day was processing just as you hoped it would. And then - an entire CARNIVAL goes and shows up(!) 

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Beautiful destination wedding at Villa Gaia near Milan | Erica + Simone

Sometimes you just don't need a shared language. Not a spoken one anyway. There is a boatload to be said for the freedom of spending the day attuned to nothing but the unspoken connections between people. Hanging out with Erica + Simone at Villa Gaia just west of Milan was a dream. 

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Trinity Buoy Wharf wedding | Amy + Ewan

I won't lie; I fully pretended I was in an episode of Taboo roaming around East India Docks when at Trinity Buoy Wharf for Amy + Ewan's wedding. It's such a unique urban venue. In East London, of course. Where else would you have a parkour academy and a Fat Boys diner next door?

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Edinburgh + Scottish Highlands wedding | Vic + Dan

There is nothing quite like the Highlands, and no one quite like free spirits Vic + Dan. The had their wedding at Lothian Chambers, getting ready at Vic's Mum's flat in Stockbridge and a first look, then off to Howies for dinner before we drove up Loch Voil the following day for some landscape porn. 

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Winter elopement London | Daisy + Ricki

They eloped this winter to London, got ready in a cute Airbnb in Highbury/Islington, walked down the road together to Islington Town Hall where they got married in front of 4 friends and Felix in the Mayor's Parlour, and then we jumped on the tube to Covent Garden and had dinner together in Polpo. It was just an adorable day all round. Oh, and it snowed.

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