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Cotswolds Outdoor Ceremony | Kate + Dan

Costswold Outdoor Ceremony at Cripps Barn

Cotswolds Outdoor Ceremony | Kate + Dan

Kate + Dan are pretty rock n' roll. They've both changed their names to the name of a town near where they got engaged. They love the Stones. They had an outdoor ceremony presided over by a family friend at Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds. Kate's Hermione de Paula dress was embroidered with their cats names and a Kevin and Perry reference. There was a Land Rover. I liked it all very much. Hope you enjoy.

Whether you're having an outdoor ceremony in the Cotswolds or an indoor one anywhere else, if you like the look of the above I'd love to hear from you. 

The above was featured on Love My Dress here, which also means I don't have to rely on my memory for the details:

Kate's dress was by Hermione de Paula, venue was the awesome Cripps Barn near Bibury (they have a few now - including a new one up near Nottingham - Hazel Gap...), Flowers (including Kate's boho headdress) were by Beth Cox at Go Wild Flowers, Kate's shoes were Swedish Hasbeens, Hair by Nikki B, Makeup by Jodie (hope the house buy went through btw Jodie!), Dan wore a Sandro suit & DMs and they both smelled lovely; Kate wore Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. (Smells nothing like cigarettes..). The band were the Railing Stains and the sound engineering/PA by Leap Audio.